Who Am I?

This blog is dedicated to all the women, girls and mommies who love fashion, beauty and also love to dress up their little ones. This blog will bring you everyday fashion and beauty finds of ours…myself and my 2.8 years old daughter,mini fashionista, Ciara!

I am opening this blog as a hobby as a way to document our day to day dressing which is going to be from simple street style dressing to occasional over the top, you will find it all here! I opened my instagram page before this blog where I put some fashion posts of Ciara and I, which were much appreciated by many and I received a lot of appreciation messages, as well as enquiry about the clothes we were wearing… and that sparked the idea of documenting our fashion finds and share with you all!

If you are already reading and following this blog I am SO thankful to you.It means a lot to me and my little family.

Love, Rajani.

Let me start by introducing myself…,  the 10 facts you  are about to read below will serve as a starter for you before you follow my blog and get to know more  about me each and every day! So, here I go……

Hi…, Iam Rajani..

I am from Mumbai married to my humble man from Chennai. I met him first time in a bar!( yeah,we are mad like that).

We went for a month long honeymoon!!!!!! Starting from Singapore to whole of Thailand and ended it in Srilanka, only to get bitten by travel bug and continue travelling!

We have already visited 12 countries and counting!!!!! Our little one travels with us too.

I had my baby girl in 2014, and she is the sweetest girl ever, I thank her for making the whole motherhood experience delightful for me. She is the inspiration behind this blog.

I was an  airhostess before getting married…. with Jet airways and Kingfisher airlines. I have worked good 7 years in aviation industry. I gave up flying upon getting married as I was sailing with my shippy husband.

I am a graduate in Microbiology from  K C COLLEGE , Mumbai.

I believe in quality over quantity and have handful of friends who I trust with everything!

I have a driving phobia,and yeah…, I don’t drive!! I want to overcome the phobia and plan to enroll in driving classes soon!

I love yoga and it’s the only fitness regime I follow.

I love babies and wouldn’t mind having one more in near future!!

If you made it to here…, I owe you big time because this was a long list about me!!!


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