Makeup Monday!

Hello ladies,

I know a lot of you are dealing with “Monday blues” today like me, so I decided to add some colour to it …and what better than makeup…, right ladies?

I am here with some of my favourite cosmetic and makeup that I swear by and is always in rotation! I am not a huge beauty enthusiast  but I do like to give most things a go because that way I have found many product which worked for me.

So, here are few of them I swear by!

IMG_20170424_103610_251 (1)

The above earings are from Hnm and the makeup pouch and rings from forever21.


I swear by this Multi protection day screen by Clarins. It comes tinted and you can choose what is best suited for your skin.To simplify I will put down in points why it is perfect for summers. Though on a little pricey side, I still prefer it as it really works for my skin.

  1. Clarins products are all pure plant extracts and this sunscreen with Spf 50 is water based so it will not clog your pores and at the same time protect your face well from sun!
  2. It is tinted so covers all the blemishes of the skin and gives a smooth coverage. Little goes a long way, I use 2 drops of it and it gives the desired result.
  3. It comes in a carry all size bottle so easier to carry while traveling. We travel a lot so this is the perfect size to just throw in my purse.


I have always had a combination skin and my T zone is very oily thus I have developed pores! No matter how well you try to cover them with make up they would still show…,until I came across this product from Clinique which worked the best for me and was in my budget. I checked other brands too, some were ineffective and others were too pricey. Clinique pore refine solution is actually a pore perfector,it basically corrects the look of pores on your skin.

You just need a few drops to smoothen it on your skin and voila…all pores disappear! You can then apply your normal make up as usual. A long term use definitely shows minimised pores!

I had to mention  this lipstick from Clinque because I am currently obsessed with it. Its such a beautiful colour ROSE POP 06,, perfect for day and night. it gives a matt look but without that drying effect on your lips and long lasting, definitely a good deal for me.


They say eyes speak volume and eyes with this volume mascara..even more volumes!!!!!!

Jokes apart,this is my favourite mascara,but sadly not available where I stay, but you can get it online too.. I picked it from our Us trip once and loved it so much that every trip we go I pick a bunch and come( yeah,..Iam a hoarder). I love it because unlike other mascaras it is free from clumps and provides a smooth application. It delivers what it says…, volume to your lashes and is water proof!! Definitely swear by it!

So, these are the favourite few of mine.Hope it helped you in purchasing that new product for your skin type…. if its Combination like mine. Stay tuned for more product and my simple daily make up  and skin care routine!

Love, Rajani

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