Happy skin!

Hello ladies,

As promised I am bringing you the basic skincare regime you can and should follow! With newborns and toddlers around ,we rarely get any spare time to look after us… let alone our skin but following these basic steps everyday ensures our skin is taken care and all you need is 10 minutes daily!

I am sure you must have heard about the daily skincare routine  of cleansing,toning,moisturising and exfoliating, but are you doing it right? with the right products? following the right steps? or getting the desired results?

Let me just brush you through it again in a very simple way! The first step to the regime is to determine your skin type, that will help you buy suitable products and makes for the very first and important step to your daily skincare routine!

These are the skin types

  • Normal skin- Smooth and firm,doesn’t get too dry or too oily and has small or medium sized pores.
  • Dry skin- Feels tight and noticeably flaky and looks rough and bumpy,
  • Oily skin- Face is visibly shiny and feels wet to touch. Large pores are associated with it.
  • Combination skin- I have this skin type. it gets oily on your nose,chin and forehead  dry around cheeks and other parts feel normal.
  • Sensitive skin- If your skin burns easily,has easy reactions to cosmetics and dramatically changes with weather then your skin is sensitive and the most difficult one to deal with.

IMG_20170427_111209_551So, no matter  what your skin type, always go for a gentle or sensitive cleaning product which will remove excess oil and will not harm dry or sensitive skin too. If your skin feels too tight and dry after using a product then thats the way to know the product is too harsh for you and its time to invest in a milder product.

Here are some of the products I found really mild and perfect to fit in my skincare regime.(Pic above)

These are all natural,chemical free products. Clarins make all their products with plant base extracts and all are water based thus mild and perfect for many a skin types, the other one, Forest Essentials again is all natural ingredient product.

NOTE ‘natural’ isn’t always better when it comes to skincare,they can still irritate your skin,so always do a patch test before using. All these brands do provide with samples you can ask for to do sample test before you purchase them.

So, lets get into the routine. You can follow this routine twice daily or may be once before sleeping depending on the time you have.


Cleansing helps to let your skin breathe overnight than being clogged with dirt and grime. Apply the cleanser and massage in upward circular motion and leave for a few seconds to dissolve the dirt and makeup.


I have been using this cleansing milk from Clarins for a long time, its creamy in texture and very efficiently removes makeup and dirt and leaves skin feeling clean and purified. It can be used for all the skin types as it is mild and natural.I recommend doing a patch test before using, specially for sensitive skin.


Toner is used to restore your skin’s ph balance which is altered during cleansing which then makes it more resistant against bacteria. Always use a mild one, something without alcohol. Clarins has their toner which is sans alcohol. Apply a small amount on cotton pad and swipe over entire face. Avoid the sensitive areas like eyes! This toner from Clarins really soothes skin and leaves it refreshed.



This is the most important step and cannot be avoided,even if you have oily skin.

gels are best for oily skin,creams are best for dry or sensitive skin and serums for normal to oily skin. Apply a small blob gently massaging your face in circular motion. I use the Clarins multi active cream which is my day moisturiser and keeps skin hydrated almost the entire day. I use the night cream from the same brand. As I have combination skin and have developed pores, I need  a light cream which moisturises but at the same time doesn’t clog my pores. This cream is water based thus doesn’t clog pores and keeps it moisturised.



Once or twice a week instead of a cleanser use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin. I use this Forest essentials fruit scrub to exfoliate and it does the perfect job.The granules are perfect to scrub on your face and it is all natural and doesn’t irritate skin. Do not scrub hard ,trick is to do it gently in upward motion for 2 minutes and rinse with warm water.


For the people who are looking for a mild cleanser cum facewash,  you can go for the ones from Forest Essentials, its gel based and again a very deep cleansing and purifying one. They have them available for all skin types! I buy a 200 ml economical bottle and it goes way beyond 6 months for me.

Remember, stick to your routine, your skin needs to get to the frequency of being treated, and to the products you are using. Sometimes a negative effect appears at first but it usually goes away.

So, go ahead take that little time out and pamper your skin and get that happy skin.

Hope this post helps you in some way to follow the skincare routine and find that perfect product for you.

Love, Rajani.

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  1. Always have a hard time deciding for sure if I’m more oily or combo. It can just get really frustrating to tell! But skincare is always a must! Loved all your choices! I like Mario badescu and I’ve used Clinique a bit as well! Great post and blog babe ✨💄💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou Sarah, glad you liked the choices.Will check out Mario badescu too. I am all for trying new products.Love

      Liked by 1 person

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