Nailed it!

Hello girlies,

Hope you all having a lovely weekend, I just came by to do a quick review of some absolutely fabulous nail polishes I bought recently.

Yes, Chambor nailed it totally! Chambor had launched their collection of gel effect nailpolishes sometime back and I got my hands on them recently. I bought only one colour first to test it and see whether it stands to its claim, and oh boy, I am sold!IMG_20170427_144948_068

Check out how pretty is this colour! This is numbered “407”,very like Chambor to just number their nail polishes. It is a pastel shade and might need 2 to 3 application to get the finished look. And so pefect for summer,infact it shouts out summer!


I fell in love with the above shade,”401″,its violet and just needed 1 sweep to get the finished look.It is perfect for all season as well as casual or festive wear. I love how it looks against mustard yellow!


Another beautiful shade for people who don’t like coloured nails and prefer just a lighter colour can go for this subtle nail polish. This is “406” and almost a powder pink.It can go with a one sweep application which will give your nail a perfect light pink sheen or 2 to 3 application to achieve that opaque look.A perfect shade for summers and a casual or a formal office look.


So, above are the shades I really preferred among the 50 shades Chambor has launched, solely on the basis  of my  colour choices.


And…for the people who like to go bright and funky,the above shades can be given a go.


So, all in all you have 50 laquers to choose from!


  • Love the packaging and the bottle shape and size.
  • Perfect for travel (10 ml)
  • Some very beautiful shades here.
  •  Priced 350 for 10 ml, pretty decent compared to many high end brands,
  • Provides high gloss finish that mimics the plumping effect of a gel manicure.
  • No chipping for days.


  • The sheen wears off in 2 days, but the nail paint remains.
  • Their claim of getting the finish in one sweep doesn’t work for all shades. Lighter shades require 2 to 3 applications, it is the darker shades which only need 1 sweep.

All in all I found the product quite good and if you are an ardent nail polish fan, go for it!

Thankyou for dropping by ladies, have fun!

Love, Rajani

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