Max(i) love!

Hello ladies,

It’s ‘Saturday night’ and  I am too full after eating all the junk this evening and sitting here writing my love for maxi dresses, because I have no other plans…..  unlike my husband, who is having a boys night out, AGAIN!!! Anyway let’s get back to the topic of this post, the maxi dress. A summer , or for that matter any season staple in my wardrobe and women everywhere. They are so fashionable and the most comfortable wear and a must have in your closet. Last week I wore two of my favourite maxi dresses so, let me show them to you.

This is the off shoulder maxi dress I wore few days back and everyone seem to love it on Insta,after I posted the pic. I Picked this one from Target on my previous US trip. Love everything about it, first and foremost the colour, white, so cooling and the best for summers,the fit is absolutely flattering too. I flaunted it on one of my vacations and got a few compliments from strangers!


Definitely one of my favourites. I just complemented it with a statement necklace, I truly believe a statement neck piece can make a whole outfit and the fringed bag just went along so well too. Have a look below!


This fringed embroidered bag is from Zara.

Here is another off shoulder maxi look I wore day before,


This maxi dress is an old one which I bought from Vero moda few years back and wore it even during my pregnancy. I love the colour and the flowy look. I added that contrast turquoise neck piece to lift up the whole one colour look and it gave the right balance to the whole yellow outfit,this totally shows  the importance of a statement neck piece. This one is actually a street shopping gain.

What do you think about the dual maxi trend? Yes,surprisingly I own a dual maxi, basically it has two different prints and colours either side and you can wear it both ways.Have a look,


So, this is one side. This maxi is free size and flowy with a busy print on one side. I love the comfort and room it provides without giving that tent kinda look, just perfect for summers.


And, this is the other side,a different colour and print. I  took it for my last holiday and wore it for 2 days, lol! Jokes apart, I am loving it… , for a traveller like me who loves to dress up and get clicked in dfferent dresses, it’s one less dress to carry.

I think this is enough for a saturday night, heading to watch netflix and have my chamomile tea, my “Me time”. Hope you like these looks,coming up with many more…till then,

Love, Rajani.

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  1. Tjohnson says:

    Rajani, I love this post! And I love maxi dresses! You did a beautiful job accesorizing as well. Maxis are so easy, plus they are feminine and regal looking. I wore them throughout my pregnancy too. I’ve never seen a dual sided maxi until reading your post!, Where did you find it?!
    – Tenille (@puremomblog on Insta)


    1. Hello Tenille, thankyou so much for the appreciation.Maxi dresses are my all time favourite.I got the dual one from a brand called Vero moda! love.


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