Lips don’t lie!

Hello everyone,

After a long time…I decided to clean and arrange my dresser today and there they were sitting….,the two lip balms I bought from Biotique a few months back during one of the grocery outings.

Excessive travelling in sun had left my lips dark and chapped, I mean I enjoy my holidays so much that I forget to take care of anything…skin, hair, lips or for that matter my diet! And when I saw these lip balms on biotique counter,  I wanted to give them a  try. My Mil and some of my friends  use their products and swear by them, reason enough for me to go for them.


So, I bought two of the lip balms,

1.Bio fruit Lip balm

The container is a cute little tub and it says'”Bio fruit whitening  balm”, whitens and evens out lip tone. Made of all botanical ingredients it assures of not harming your skin in anyway, infact the container says its not a cosmetic product and is for therapeutic use!


I used it diligently for good 1 month and could see no difference and that is the reason I abandoned it mid way, there are other good things about it though.

So, let me point down the pros and cons


  • Comes in a cute little tub, travel easy.
  • Made of all botanical ingredients, thus safer on skin.
  • texture is balmy and it does moisturise well. I put it before sleep and wake up with moisturised lips.
  • The colour is a little orangey so you can wear it alone if you want or under your lipsticks.
  • Is lightly fragrant so doesn’t irritate your senses.
  • Priced at rs 99,it’s a steal.


  • Has no SPF,so no protection against sun which could be one of the reasons for dark lips.
  • The claim of lightening/ whitening your lips seems to be false, I see no effect apart from moisturising.
  • Comes in a tub and you need a finger sweep everytime you use it and I find it unhygienic and thus prefer tubes over them

Verdict; If you want to use this product for the purpose of lightening , it won’t work….. the only thing it does is moisturise.

2.Bio Almond Overnight therapy lip balm

This one claims to replenish and repair lips and my chapped ,neglected lips needed something like this.


I use this one before bed time and get up with moisturised,soft lips,so it does the claimed job well.


  • All like above lip balm.
  • Moisturises well and makes lips softer.
  • No overpowering fragrance.
  • Texture is balmy and has sheen,only a little will do the job.
  • Can use it alone for some light sheen on lips or under your lipsticks.


  • All as above!

Verdict:  Buy it if you love to hoard lip balms and for the price. All safe ingredients makes it a product to give a go to!

Before ending, let us also get to know the reason behind dark lips and some prevention tips.

A person may have black lips in two ways. First- his/her lips may be dark from birth. Second – for some reasons, like smoking, sun exposure, licking lips, dryness, huge use of lipsticks, etc. It is essential to know the reason for your dark lips so that it can be treated easily.

There are so many lip scrubs available ( will write a post on them soon!),which helps to remove dead skin from the surface of your lips and thus help to tone and soften them. You can easily make a scrub with some sugar and honey or coconut oil at home.

Some points to remember to take care of dark lips.

  • Use lip balms with sunscreen
  • Use lip balms and lipsticks from reputable brands as inexpensive products are formulated with chemicals which can harm lips.
  • Hydrate yourself!
  • Smoking is one of the major cause of dark lips.
  • Limit your caffeine.
  • Always keep your lips well moisturised.

Beyond all these there are  medications too which can cause dark lips. Hope this post helps you understand the reason behind your dark lips and how to take care of them.

Thank you for dropping by,

Love, Rajani

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