Good hair days!

Hello ladies,

Today is one of those days where my hair is behaving, yup, I am having a good hair day, Yay!!! That reminded me to share a little about this magic potion I use for my hair and there is a little story to it.

It was when Ciara turned 6 months, I decided to take her to Mumbai to meet my parents. Of all the days I stay there, the few towards the end are reserved for my bestie. It was during this visit I was staying with her and having our endless night chats over green tea about every f@@@ing thing on earth that the topic of hair surfaced and I complained to her that my hair have magically turned into straw and laughed about it, Suddenly I see her move across the room and get me a bottle of some hair serum, she took out just 2 tiny drops and started applying to my hair over my constant banter of how no serum works on my lifeless hair..and all. And after 15 minutes we said goodnight to each other and decided to retire for the night. It was only when I looked into the bathroom mirror before bed that I realised my hair looked different…..,they looked shiny and more shapely,if  you know what I mean……I mean I could see my cut and hair flow better and upon touching my hair, it felt softer like never before! And yes, you guessed it right I bought the bottle the very next day and its two and a a half years since then and  I am on my third bottle!!!!!

So, what is this magic potion?!


NOTE: Moroccan oil is the name, Moroccan oil is the Argan oil treatment they use in the product sourced from Morocco.

After doing a research I found out what a buzz this product has created all over the world! In all honesty it worked for me and I love it and plan to continue till any better product comes in the market.Let me introduce it the way I love it,

The packaging is a thick glass bottle with a pump.
Which says,a unique formula rich in antioxidant argan oil that instantly absorbs into hair to immediately enhance manageability,shine and deliver long term conditioning without leaving any residue!

The first three ingredients of Moroccan Oil Treatment are silicone polymers.The fourth ingredient in Moroccan Oil Treatment is the synthetic fragrance butylphenyl methylpropional.Argania seed kernel oil (Argan Oil), the fifth ingredient in the Moroccan Oil Treatment , is rich in antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids, and is believed to contain twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. Argania oil is 48 percent oleic fatty acid and 34 percent linoleic.

The remaining ingredients are
Linseed Extract, which is a mucilage emollient extracted from flax seeds.
Parfum (Fragrance) which is supposedly Coumarin, a vanilla scent.
D&C Yellow 11 and D&C Red 17 which are food colorings.
Benzyl benzoate is a preservative and pesticide for scabies and lice. It’s also used as a fragrance.
You need just a little,1 to 2 drops, may be 3 for longer hair.Be careful of not using too much as it will give your hair a oily look and weigh it down!


let’s talk about its Pros and cons.


  • Makes hair smoother
  • makes hair shinier
  • Absorbs and dries faster
  • Keeps fly away hair away and tames frizzy hair too.
  • Requires a little amount
  • The 100 ml bottle goes for good 10 to 12 months.


  • Very pricey!!! ( But remember 1 100 ml bottle goes a long way!)
  • Has chemicals in it.The first few ingredients contain silicones ,but according to experts, silicones actually helps in keeping the fly away hair and make it manageable, In fact it is one of the ingredients in many hair smoothening products.
  • It contains more oil than Argan,it has linseed and flax oil too! What I read is Argan oil in itself is very thick and is not very effective as is thus these added oils help achieve the desired result.
  • The fragrance is a little over powering.

Verdict: Apart from the price I love everything about this product!

Always believe in your own experiences and research more before you buy any expensive product.

Hope this review helps you!


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