Let’s stop the clock!

Hello Ladies,

Back with another lovely product from my stash.

We all want to stop that ageing clock and look forever young ,well…, ,that is not possible but what is possible is delaying the ageing clock . Initially people used anti ageing product only after they entered their 40s, but now all the cosmetic and beauty companies make their anti  ageing products for late 20s to 30 something! So, the question is when should we start using the anti ageing products?!

In my opinion, it is in our late twenties or early 30s that we start noticing lines  around our face and mouth and some dark spot or blemishes due to sun exposure,that is called the “Preageing ” stage and this is the time we should start giving our skin that extra care.

Now that I am in my early 30s  and was looking for an anti ageing product, I came across this serum from Clarins… Double serum,Complete age control.


This is a serum developed by Clarins whic takes care of your pre ageing process by slowing it down. Why serum? The specialty of  serums lie in the fact that they  are formulated to target specific skin problems. So whether you want to reduce fine lines, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of dark spots, prevent acne, reduce pores or brighten up your skin, serums come in a variety of formulas. All you have to do is zero down on one suitable for your skin type.

Serums are highly concentrated treatment and contain high levels of nourishing ingredients, all of them help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin, while regulating oil production.” The most common benefits include hydration, increased nourishment, brightening of the skin, and acne prevention. They also help in strengthening skin cells. While other face creams contain only 5 to 10 per cent of active ingredients, a face serum can contain up to 70 per cent! No wonder these potent products are able to deliver a much greater concentration of nutrients, deeper into the skin.

After reading the benefits of serums, I zeroed on this serum by Clarins and by now you all know my love for Clarins. This multi-award winning formulation includes 20 plant extracts to boost the skin’s five vital functions and works to prevent signs of aging, from wrinkles to dullness.


Morning/ evening mix in the hand and apply to face and neck before your moisturiser.

It’s an Amber colour bottle with a pump dispenser. It has 2 chambers each containing an oil base serum and  water base serum. You get an unmixed serum when dispensed and all you have to do is mix in your hand and apply to face and neck


  • Very good for dry skin.
  • Leaves a satin smooth feel on the skin.
  • Non greasy and absorbs quickly.
  • Again ,very little to be used.
  • The serum is pricey but little use everyday makes it go for a long period of time,consider it an investment.
  • Mild fragrance.

I used it for good 2 months before this review and it has helped  with dry patches on my skin and made it soft and supple, no breakouts.


  • Very pricey.
  • Didn’t really help in minimising pores.

Clarins always provide samples of their products to test before you buy, use the opportunity and try it before you make an expensive purchase. Give it at least a month to work,

All in all it has really helped my skin and I find it a good product to go for, Hope this review shows every aspect of this product, weekend kicks off tomorrow, Yay!!!!!


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