The little big things!

Hello everyone,

It is already weekend….yay!!! I mean it’s Thursday…, almost weekend, same thing! So before you peeps get busy with your weekend plans , I got to show you some new products which have already become my favourites and I can’t stop myself from sharing them with all you lovelies asap!

So, here are my picks!


This product is just too awesome..and I am saying this because I tried similar products from different brands but this one is by far the best.

This cleansing water removes makeup even waterproof ones with no rinse and no harsh rubbing! (As mentioned on the packaging). And it stands true! It effectively removed my waterproof mascara without any rubbing, just take the product on a cotton wool, hold over closed eyes and gently wipe off! It didn’t even irritare my eye like other similar products in the market!

And it’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. There is no oil, alcohol and fragrance in it, which goes to show how safe this product is. If you looking for that one step, safe make up remover…go blindly for this one!


As its name suggests its not only an exfoliate but nourish too! The base is coconut oil with grapeseed oil and100 percent natural exfoliant. All ingredients are natural and safe plus its paraben free!

To apply, just massage over dry skin,add water and massage to emulsify and rinse with lukevwarm water.After washing you will feel a layer of oil on your skin but do not fret, it’s non- comedogenic thus will not clog you pores.So just leave it overnight and wake up to a soft, supple, radiant skin.I am in love with it!

  • REVLON KISS BALM   A lip balm hoarder like me can’t stop picking lip balms. Some are good, some ok and some are excellent! This one comes in the excellent category.

Not that I needed a reason to purchase this but the spf 20 written on it really helped! We all remember to sun protect our skin but often do nothing for lips as not many lips products with spf are available in the market, so as soon as I saw this I grabbed it! With good hydrating factor and required sheen and pigmentation it doesn’t disappoint!
They come in many colours and flavours and contains natural fruit oils.You can chose to wear it under your lipstick or over to give it a little sheen.I have been using it and no complains, I am assured my lips are sun protected!

Last post I also mentioned a new lipstick I picked up from a brand called ‘Hard Candy’.The packaging was such that I ciuldn’t resist, A floral printed cute tin box!

The shade I picked is called “hibiscus”. Its a liquid lip stain which on applying becomes matte! I felt the colour is too too bright and too much “in the face”. And also feels best suited for very light to light skin tone!

So, this is how bright it looks!
On that note have a happy and bright weekend and do try these products if you fancy the review!Catch up soon till then,

Love, Rajani

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