Skin deep!

Hello ladies, 

Here to do a quick review of two products which I acquired newly and that benefited me a lot!

If you know me, you know how I advocate only safe products, read chemical free(Paraben – free),no fragrance, (a good sign of less or no chemicals) ,and non-comedogenic.You don’t want to choke your skin, I mean block your pores.

So, here is one body lotion which is all that! Remember ladies, no matter what your skin type, moisturise it !And not only face, but the whole body.With age our skin loses its moisture and  thus elasticity  and it becomes important to replenish all that back. Having a good moisturising lotion and applying is of prime importance.


Dermalogists tested ,this lotion apart from being safe, is non greasy( won’t stick to your clothes ), and absorbs quickly. Leaves no fragrance and is very light feel. After using it for a month my skin definitely feels and looks moisturised and healthy. Apply it immediately after shower on a semi- wet body, that helps creams and lotions to absorb quickly.

I do feel for a very dry skin frequent application would be required.I use the stress relief one.Can’t say whether it helps with stress, but moisturising it does!😁

You get Aveeno for babies 👶and kids too called “Aveeno baby”, which is fantastic! I remember after holidays Ciara’s skin had become dry and tan, and only this cream helped her gain back the moisture and skin tone!

I would highly recommend it!


The gentlest cleanser ever! Not only is it safe ,but best recommended for sensitive skin.

It is gentle yet does it job properly of cleansing and removing most of the makeup! Non greasy texture doesn’t leave your skin oily, but clean and light.

People who had acne also swear by it as you need a gentle cleanser for acne prone skin, so as not to irritate it further and this one seems the best out there!

These come as gentle cleanser(for very sensitive skin)and daily cleanser( for normal to oily skin). I have been using the daily one  for a month now and love how it leaves my skin,clean and refreshed!The bottle lasts for almost a month and more, so good value for money too!

These are the two products worth investing in ,in my opinion.Hope the review helps.See you soon, till then



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