Sweet surprise!

Hello ladies,

I have been procrastinating a storm and thus lagging a lot behind on my blog updates.But this morning started on a sweet note and put me in a good mood to share with all you lovelies.What’s worth a happiness if not shared!😁

Now and then my hubby loves to gift me and profess his love.He never cease to surprise me even after five plus years of marriage.Today was one of those surprise days when I woke up to this beautiful polka dotted bag from Kate spade!!!🤷So happy to show it off!

As you see, I have already stuffed, or overstuffed it! Because I carry not for one, but two! Half of the things in my bag is of Ciara.Her wipes, her water bottle, change of clothes, books and the most important of all, her toys!( God save me if I forget that)

I love how spacious it is to carry all our essentials! Apart from little Missy’s stuff, I carry my perfume, kindle( for train anf flight journeys), sanitizer, sunglasses, sunscreen stick, lipgloss, the lipstick I am wearing for touch up and wallet on daily basis.It can accomodate all and more!

So ladies, tell me what all you carry on daily basis?

I love the print(wellesley),who doesn’t love polka dots?!So retro! Will definitely stand out with all plain outfits in single colour than busy prints or colourful attires! Will post pics as and when I pair it with my outfits!

A little update on how I paired it with my outfit in the pic above!

This model is called “small rachelle” model no WKRU3844.

I am in love with this beauty! And more with the hubby! Bye for now, promise to be back soon! Till then,

Love, Rajani

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