It’s in the eyes!

Hello everyone,

Right now I am in the flow, so better write one more post before I go back to my lazy self!
The last time I did some cosmetics shopping, I bought an eyeshadow palette from Maybelline. It’s “The blushed nudes”, and “e.l.f. shadow lock eyelid primer”.


I love the rose gold packaging.There are a total of 12 lovely nudes which you can use singularly or in a duos ( using 2 shades),trios( using 3 shades), or quads(4 shades) way, for which the whole process is described on the backside of the packaging.

As I am not into full fledge make up and keep it to ocassions, I needed a subtle eye shadow palette and this one is just that! I created some looks using single colours and some with a little blending of 2 to3, which you can wear on a daily basis and also for any event or ocassions!

These are the simple looks.I have increased the contrast in the pic to bring out the colour of the shadows.The pic below shows you how it will look in the  sunlight!

Just perfect for me,Subtle! Perfect for a daily wear and definitely wearable in humid Indian climate! Let’s talk about the next product.


So I have this problem with eye shadows that after a while it starts to crease. This product is just made for that.

This is how it looks when you apply it to your eyelid.All you have to do is blend in and allow the formula to dry before applying eyeshadow. It helps prep your eyelids for a smoother, long lasting, crease proof eyeshadow look! Problem solved!

Before I sign off let me wish you guys a very happy weekend! See you soon with more.Till then,

Love, Rajani 💕

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